Designed for the toughest demolition conditions

The Arrowhead Rockdrill DG200 demolition and sorting grab is designed for the toughest demolition conditions and fits best on a 200 – 300 class excavator.

Manufactured from the highest quality steels, the Arrowhead Rockdrill DG200 is designed to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance.

With this rugged tool it is possible to demolish, sort materials and load debris all without switching between a variety of attachments.

The versatility of the grab saves you valuable time and money by using one tool to complete a variety of jobsite tasks.


  • 360° Hydraulic Rotary Drive
  • Fully enclosed cylinders and rotary drive motor for improved reliability
  • Water resistant, fully reversible detachable wear plates for longer life
  • Powerful closing force
  • Low operating flows

DG200 Demolition Grab
DG200 Demolition Grab
Specification unit DG 200
Operating weight lbs 3200
Kg 1450
Oil requirements for rotary drive gpm 10
lpm 38
Oil requirements for grab gpm 15
lpm 57
Working pressure for rotation psi 1750
bar 120
Working pressure for grab psi 3800
bar 260
Carrier weight lbs 40000-60000
tonnes 18-28